Out Of The Wild: An Alaskan's Adventure To Find America

My name is John. I was born and raised in Alaska. I have been hearing how the American Dream is no longer possible for my generation; how the pursuit of a college education will leave my peers and me in crippling debt; and America is no longer the beacon of hope it once was. Too many of my generation believe what they are hearing. I am not going to surrender to such news.

I believe what made America great in the past can make it great again. I know many small business owners that are living their American Dream right now. I have heard these people talk about their dreams. They work harder than anyone I know every minute of every day. These are dreamers that act on their dreams. I want to chase my dream in the same way. My personal motto is, “Risk much, forgive much, and gain much”. I want to pursue a career in film. I want to chase my dream too.

I need to see more of this country to better understand my homeland. I want to meet the people who make this country work. Upon graduation from high school I am riding my bicycle 6,000 miles from Kodiak, Alaska to Key West, Florida to find my America. I am not going on this tour just to ride my bike. My plan is to document the people I meet that have put their dreams to work. I will interview them in their environment and interview the people they serve.

Using my bicycle, a tent, and a camera I will tell this story in a documentary I call “Finding My America”. I will begin in my hometown of Kodiak, Alaska on May 22, 2012. I am partnering with small businesses that will sponsor this trip. I am working with many Subway restaurant owners who are sponsoring me in exchange for a commercial I will make and post on the Internet.

When my trip is complete, I want to share what I learn with everyone. Look for the finished documentary in the late fall of 2012. The blog will serve as a behind the scenes update to chronicle my grand adventure. I am accepting financial support from anyone interested in inspiring my generation to embrace the hard work of bringing America back to a new era of greatness. I hope to tell the stories of the real American dream. I hope to raise enough money to pay for college without student loans. Help me tell this American story. Together we can be the difference.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

7-5-12 The ride out of Yellowstone and into Teton National Park

I started to title this "Mom, don't watch" and you will see why! This is a long video, hope you enjoy this ride as much as I did. My riding companion this day is Peter from the pictures I just posted.


Greg said...

Awesome downhill ride. Any idea how fast you guys got up to? OBTW Peter did not look he had much regard for traffic. I hope you John are a bit more safety minded through out the rest of your ("our") trip. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi John:

Do yu remember me ? I'm the Canadian fellow (Tom) that yu met just as yu pulled into the parking lot right beside the "Old Faithful" geyser in Yellowstone Park. Yu had just pulled in & leaned your bike up against the tree & we started to talk & yu asked me where "Old Faithful" was. A little later, as I was headed out w/ my brother I saw yu again & had my brother stop, so I could get a pic w/ you. Remember ?

Anyways, I'm starting to follow along on your great adventure ! I'm just a bit confused though, cuz the date on the video above shows 7/5/12, of yu leaving Yellowstone,... BUT i'm pretty sure that i met yu at Old Faithful on the 5th (or even the 6th or 7th?) late in the day. Did yu head out of Yellowstone the same day that i met yu ???